Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Bidders have to be registered and have a completed bidding profile which includes an identification check using a credit card. This protects everyone from dreamers and tyre-kickers.

No charges can be made against your card without your authorisation

We have kept the fees as low as possible in order to allow the best result for seller and buyer. The buyer pays 3% (+VAT) on Lots between £0 to £49,999 and 2.5% (+VAT) on £50,000 and above at successful conclusion of the auction.

There is a minimum fee on vehicles of £400 (+VAT), while on anything else such as number plates etc, the min fee is £250 (+VAT) and the maximum remains capped £5000 (+VAT) for all lots.

There are two types of “Trigger Auction”, one in which the reserve will be shown alongside the lot. (A Trigger Auction)

The other where the reserve will be hidden, allowing potential bidders to bid what they deem to be appropriate, guided by an R.R.P or guide price. (A Hidden Trigger)

All bidders and watchers will be sent an alert when bidding is within 5% of the reserve.

The listing will also denote when bidding is within 5% of the reserve.

The minimum bid increment is £250, any higher bid placed must be divisible by £250.

We have an auto-bid function allowing you to load in your maximum bid so you can sit back and relax whilst we automatically increase your bid in the minimum increments to keep you ahead of the pack, up to your maximum threshold.

Stress free bidding!

Potentially yes, it will be at the discretion of the vendor, although we would encourage all vendors to give as much access as possible. The aim of our system is to be as transparent as possible and to make the selling and buying process as comfortable as possible.

The vendor will be responsible for assisting you to arrange a viewing, and we would encourage them to be as helpful as possible in order to achieve the best auction result.

While we will take every possible care to ensure the description is 100% accurate, it is the vendor who is responsible for an accurate “warts and all” description of the vehicle.

The vendor will have final sign off on the description.

Absolutely, if you need any more information please just ask.

No, which is why the vendor’s description and quality of photographs is critical, but also potential bidders must ensure that they have the answers to any questions they have prior to bidding. Auction bids are legally binding.

On successful completion of the auction, you will pay Selecting Gear’s commission, and then you will be put in contact with the buyer to arrange a direct payment.

Not currently, although the plan is to do so in the future.

We pride ourselves on providing an exemplary service to both buyers and sellers, including absolute transparency on who we are and the cars that come through the auction. We request a “warts and all” description of seller’s vehicles so they are represented fairly and accurately.

Buyers have the opportunity to ask any number of questions on a listing or request additional photographs prior and during the auction.

It is important that buyers are happy that the description of the car is accurate prior to bidding.

Please contact us where a dispute arises, and we will investigate on a case by case basis.

No, we have installed anti sniping software, so the auction will automatically extend for a further 2 minutes after the last bid goes in.

Post auction and on payment of auction fees, we will electronically introduce both parties so that you can agree payment method and timing.

We take the privacy of our clients on both sides of the trade very seriously. Your data will not be used for any purpose other than that of the auction.

Our aim is for all of our clients to be fully satisfied and become return users of our platform.

Delivery can be arranged at an additional charge through one of our trusted partners.

Please contact us for more details.

Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Fees for listing are zero, it is completely free.

Nothing! The seller receives 100% of the fee achieved!

Get in contact with us with a detailed description of the vehicle and photos. Our team will decide very quickly if we think we can help you and check that the vehicle is right for the auction process.

Decide whether you want to opt for a “trigger” auction with visible reserve or one where the reserve is hidden.

From there we will ask for a full fat description of the vehicle listing any defects and problems, your choice of sales model, and multiple, quality photos (the more the better).

Our team will create a full listing for you to check and approve, the vehicle will then be moved forward to the auction.

You need to provide a full and detailed set of information to us, including service history and a general condition report as well as in excess of 50 photographs.

In order for us to produce an appropriate and accurate write-up we need the full history and any repairs, works and/or modifications on the vehicle.

Essentially, you as the seller will sign off on the final version and are responsible for the accuracy of the facts. We don’t want any buyer to be disappointed.

We can only generate an accurate description if we are given the fullest history by you; and this in turn will give buyers confidence to bid up your vehicle.

YES! 100% honest. We’re founding our reputation on ensuring we are listing quality vehicles with an accurate description.

In the event that the vehicle has been significantly misrepresented we may cancel the sale.

We will agree the write up with you, but you will have final sign off on it.

If it is minor, as long as it is clearly advised in the write up and if possible, shown on photos, you may prefer to let the buyer do the work. However, detailing any work carried out on the car in the description is vital.

In the case of both types of “trigger” auction, if the highest bid is within 5% of your reserve, you will automatically be alerted to a bid close to your reserve, and you will then have several options. (1) Lower your reserve to the bid level to initiate a 72 hour auction, (2) counter the bid with your own offer, (3) sit tight and wait for the reserve to be triggered.

Should the vehicle still not sell we can discuss how you would like to proceed, and we may be able to help broker a deal for you after the auction has closed.

The primary aim of the web site is to sell cars, so choosing a realistic reserve is key. In a regular “trigger” auction the reserve will be visible, in the case of a “hidden trigger” auction the reserve will be hidden, but there will be an R.R.P or guide price displayed so that any bidders have a reasonable idea of what they should bid.

Should you wish to lower the reserve during the auction, we can easily facilitate that.

Yes, absolutely. The less a potential buyer has to pay in fees, the higher they will ultimately bid for your vehicle; this platform charges low commission specifically for that reason.

Once our fees are received by the buyer, we will put seller and buyer together and you can agree how and to where you’d like your funds to be sent.

If the buyer refuses to pay, you or we will still hold the vehicle; so contact us straight away and we will aim to resolve the problem.

If your description is honest and accurate and the photos are clear, there should be no dispute.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the facts are all included and 100% accurate as it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they are happy the vehicle is accurately described prior to bidding.

If there is a dispute, please contact us.

Not necessarily, we will consider every vehicle on its merits and aim to take as many as possible; however, there will be occasions where our team may feel that we are not the best solution for selling your vehicle.